1. These Participation Terms apply to this Offsetters Raiz Rewards Subscription along with the Raiz Invest Australia Limited Website Terms of Use. These Participation Terms must be read alongside, and form part of the Agreement between you and Raiz Invest Australia Limited (ABN 26 604 402 815), and you must comply with both. Terms capitalised but not defined in these Subscription Terms have the meaning given in the Raiz Invest Australia Limited Website Terms of Use.
  2. The Offsetters Raiz Rewards Subscription is being offered by the following Third Party Retailer Cleaner Climate Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 65 124 436 728). (Third Party Supplier). Details of the Promotion are as follows:
    1. Subscription Term: This Raiz Rewards Subscription runs from 19/02/20. To be eligible to participate, you must subscribe to the Offsetters through the Raiz App. You will then pay a monthly payment which will direct debited from your Funding Account until you unsubscribe through the Raiz App. Note that there could be circumstances where the Subscription Term is shortened, extended or otherwise modified.
    2. Permits and approvals have been approved for all Australian states excluding South Australia. While South Australian residents over eighteen (18) years are eligible for subscription to Offsetters they are ineligible for the Prize Pool and Prize Draws.
    3. Whilst it is intended that Offsetters will be direct debited from the customers funding source on a monthly basis based on the subscription amount of $3.70, delays may occur (e.g. public holidays, technical issues or other reasons).
    4. Please refer to the Offsetters home page and also the FAQs for any additional information.
    5. CBL Markets (Australia) Pty Limited: CBL Markets (Australia) Ltd also operates a trading services company through a wholly-owned subsidiary, Carbon Financial Services Pty Ltd, to service clients who request or require us to trade on their behalf. This subsidiary holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL#430054).
    6. Cleaner Climate Australia Pty Ltd: Cleaner Climate Australia works at the intersection of design, technology and strategy to create environmentally focused products, services and brand experiences that people love.
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