1. These Participation Terms apply to this Apple Raiz Rewards Promotion along with the Raiz Invest Australia Limited Website Terms of Use (Agreement). These Participation Terms must be read alongside, and form part of the Agreement between you and Raiz Invest Australia Limited (ABN 26 604 402 815), and you must comply with both. Terms capitalised but not defined in these Promotion Terms have the meaning given in the Raiz Invest Australia Limited Website Terms of Use.
  2. The Apple Raiz Rewards Promotion is being offered by the following Third Party Retailer APPLE PTY LTD ABN 46 002 510 054 (Third Party Supplier). Details of the Promotion are as follows:
    1. Promotion Term: This Raiz Rewards Promotion runs from 26/03/2018 until 31/12/2025. To be eligible to participate, you must make an Eligible Purchase between 12:00AM AEST on the Start Date and 11.59PM AEST on the End Date of the Promotion Term. Your eligibility to participate will be determined by reviewing the date of the transaction, as it appears in your relevant card or account statement (as notified to Raiz Invest). Note that there could be circumstances where the Promotion Term is shortened, extended or otherwise modified. Please see the Agreement for details.
    2. Customer Reward: Raiz will contribute an amount of money for investment into your Raiz Invest Account equal to 1.5% of the purchase price of Eligible Product of $5 (Net of GST and any delivery or Administration fees) or more when paid in full. Earnings are not given for any bulk orders of 5 products or more, per order of any Apple products, except for iPhone where earnings (where applicable) will only be given for up to 2 units within a 30-day period.
    3. Eligible Purchase:
      1. All products except the Products not eligible for cash back / points are the new MacBook Air with M1, new 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1, new Mac mini with M1, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, HomePod mini, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, 8th generation iPad, all-new iPad Air, updated iMac 27-inch, Mac Pro, Apple Pro Display XDR, AppleCare products purchased individually or after the applicable product has been shipped, gift cards, gift wrap, Bose products, Apple Developer Programs and shipping which are not available for the reward until further notice. The new iPhone SE and new Macbook Air became eligible on the 9/6/20. Reward may not be eligible if a coupon code not listed on Raiz Invest is used. Reward will not be eligible if a gift card is used as payment method.
      2. Participating stores: Eligible Product can be made only by:
        1. clicking on the "SHOP ONLINE HERE" link displayed with the Third Party Retailer's logo on the Raiz Rewards Page of the Raiz App; and
        2. then proceeding to make the purchase via the linked site without clicking any other external links.
      No other purchases from the Third Party Retailer or the linked site will be considered Eligible Purchases for the purposes of this Raiz Rewards Promotion.
    4. Payment of Customer Reward:
      1. Whilst it is intended that Customer Rewards will be paid by the Third-Party Retailer to Raiz on your behalf within approximately 30 days from the date the Eligible Purchase is processed, delays may occur (eg public holidays, technical issues or other reasons).
      2. The customer reward will not be calculated to include any delivery, handling or administration fees or charges that the Third Party Retailer includes on any Eligible Purchases.
      3. If reward has not been received within 30 days, users must email the customer support team at with a copy of the receipt including the date, sale value and order ID. Users must send this through within 60 days from date of purchase in order for the reward to still be eligible.
      4. To the extent that you believe that a Third Party Retailer has failed to pay you a Customer Reward that you are entitled to, you should notify Raiz on or on 1300 754 748. Raiz will, upon timely receipt of any such notice undertake reasonable investigations into such a request, and Raiz' decision in respect of such matter will be final and binding.
    5. Tracking Purchase: We, our partners and affiliate networks use cookies to store tracking information so that we can capture when a purchase is made and therefore reward you. Please ensure that the browser you are using is set to accept cookies on the Raiz website and the partner’s website you are making a purchase on. If you are using Safari which features Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) then please ensure you are able to accept cookies or alternatively use a different browser such as Google Chrome.